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I trust everybody's Thanksgiving saw a day with tables filled with good food and time for reflection. I expect many of you moto heads are at motorcycle stores today chasing Black Friday deals on new heated gloves or a new helmet

A quick story:

For Thanksgiving morning, Tricedaughter signed up to deliver turkey dinners to shut-ins in downtown via a San Antonio organization. At the last moment I and Tricedaughter #2 decided to go along. We left the house in Tricewife's hands, our own turkey continuing to roast away in the oven.

When we got to the central pick up point to pick up the meals for distribution, it was exceptionally well organized, with supply trucks and lots of workers. TD#1 had signed up for one delivery run of 3 separate meals but the volunteers asked if we could do an additional run to ensure everybody who signed up to receive a meal got their dinner at mid day.

Off we went with 7 pre-assembled dinners in a cardboard tray covered in plastic, 7 miniature pumpkin pies, 7 place mats hand decorated by children, 7 apples, 7 holiday cards, and 7 miniature hand decorated Christmas trees.

Good thing we had a GPS. The maps were highlighted, but only on street names. Without a GPS you could be blocks off the target. With three pairs of eyes it wasn't to difficult to find the houses. We would park, gather up the delivery, go knock on the door, and wait. At each house, we would hear a frail voice. A smile greeted up each time the door opened. The person getting the meal was very senior, and in almost every case, physically very slowed down, and always alone. The alone part started to get to me. They all said thank you-thank you-thank you over and over again for coming to their house.

As I watched my daughters set up their place mat and set the food on it, and interact with the seniors, I was so proud of them for doing this but also for thinking of volunteering in the first place. It really changed the mood on Thanksgiving for me. Back at our own house by about 1 just as the turkey was ready and the table already set up while we were out, I was thinking about the lonely seniors, and thankful to have my family there to sit around the table.
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