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Originally Posted by halmc View Post
A worthwhile read for you, I think:

I wrestled with the 350 watt starter on my friend's bike for a year, yada, yada, yada . . .

IMHO, KTM out of common decency, should have sent everyone with a magic button 300 a shiny new 410w starter. But then they should also send everyone with an orange bike a kick stand worthy of the name.
Well from reading through that thread, everyone's pointing towards the '13 starting assembly... which is great except my bike's a '13 as well. Unless it was more than just the frame that was taken from the '12 KTM's over to the '13 bergs.

As far as the CS seal, I've read where people but in a thicker cross section O-ring to keep the thing from leaking. I'm just not sure where to source said O-ring. I know it's not my chain being too tight, I run it loosey goosey (not too loose but my big 4 buddies always get worried that my chain is about to fall off.) Just a bit annoyed that it's leaking in the first place, seeing as how last weekend was the first time that area of the bike was introduced to mud and the like in the first place. Otherwise its been dusty, but otherwise clean air.
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