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new tag soon

cosmo, (the new mascot) is going to make a move today !! all you tag chasers git your heated gear on and warm up yer iron stallions, hear we go!! he woke me up at 7:30 rearing to go. thought I would take him out for a nice breakfast before the long day we had planned. called my friend kat and flasher my taggin buddy and we agreed to meet at munchies for breakfast. it was about 23 degrees as we warmed up the stallion and headed out to the resturant. should be a good day to ride, for the last day in november. callin for a high in lower 40s here, 30s in the foothills. obligatory breakfast shot, cosmo seemed a little nervous seeing us chompin down on all those eggs he was surounded by. we ate laid out the route and were on the road by 10:30. he first thought of going south but decided his best bet to catch another ride fairly soon was to hang out in the mid south where the hard core taggers play year round. should be at the new tag location by mid afternoon. here is a little teaser shot for ya'll to ponder over.
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