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Originally Posted by SpeedoJosh View Post
Wow, with all the steroid usage in sports these days, I'm surprised people are still crying about Lance. Go grab a tissue and move on. He did what most top athletes did, he just did it better. If it wasn't for the fact that most people are lazy fucks who have no life and live off the drama of the famous, this shit wouldn't of lasted 2 weeks in the news.

How many of you cry babies have started a nonprofit organization that has helped millions, and will continue to help more people then you could ever know.

Take it easy Francis, you're missing the point.

Most people that are cycling fans and follow the sport aren't really all that pissed that Lance Armstrong did performance enhancing drugs, during the era most of the pro peloton were.....Hell, who knows, maybe they still are. I can sit here right now and give you a list of my favourite cyclists that have been caught or have admitted doing drugs over the years, not the point.

The point is that Lance ruined people that stood in his way, he was a fantastic asshole and bully. He sabotaged careers, denied contracts, sued the innocent (and won) all to protect his house of cards, and when the rug finally got pulled out from under him he cries "everybody was doing it" Well fuck him, no everybody wasn't ruining other peoples lives and crushing honest people.

Read Tyler Hamilton's book "The Secret Race" It'll be a bit of an eye opener I'll bet.
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