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The point is that Lance ruined people that stood in his way, he was a fantastic asshole and bully. He sabotaged careers, denied contracts, sued the innocent (and won) all to protect his house of cards, and when the rug finally got pulled out from under him he cries "everybody was doing it" Well fuck him, no everybody wasn't ruining other peoples lives and crushing honest people.
sounds like typical CEO behavior to me .. which is highly regarded and well rewarded. look at chainsaw al dunlap. worst he behaves, the better he's rewarded.

fact is there's no law against being an asshole .. LA is being prosecuted for doping, then lying about it. just like almost everyone that was actually competitive during that era .. note I'm not sure about the almost part. what's probably more accurate is everyone that's competitive was doping.

IMHO reason no one else was being an asshole to level of LA ... there can only be ONE top dog at a time. LA was very good at what he did .. which was staying on top for a very long time. which is exactly what a CEO does...
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