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Originally Posted by warkshop View Post
Strong Bond, thank you for you post. Your points are taken, I too enjoy the build threads especially those folk from 'down under'. Some great builds here in North America also.

I do have comment though. Folks have 'adventure touring' on what you might consider lesser bikes and sidecar outfits forever. I know a lurker on this site who took an old BMW R90, added a Velorex and a big gas tank and rode over 100,000 miles all over North America. Including lots of dirt and gravel. No fancy farkles, a term I've come to loath.

My point is I'd say it is better to go do the riding with whatever you can put together than sit home because your denali/trans Africa,round the world pannier /luggage rack kit hasn't arrived in the mail. Folks have been doing this stuff forever on the cheap and the lowly Velo sidecar can do the job,,,,,,not as exciting,,,,but adequate.
But Bob ! However will we show off our lifestyles ? The adv hacks forum is like the Platte river a mile wide but only 1/2" deep.We never criticize junk when we see it and we are always in awe of others spending habits !
Your a refreshingl addition to this nonsense !
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