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So glad you are ok! I want to add a few comments about SPOT and the lack of a helicopter.
First; SPOT works, but it has also been grossly abused by many not understanding or not caring what happens when the panic button is pressed. True story, SPOT was activated because the individual was going to be late for a meeting well he made the meeting with the sheriff! Also there are far more False activations than true emergencies so there is a "little boy cried wolf" with some SAR agencies.

This crash definitely warrants a helicopter ride. Although you're probably looking at 10-15k yes your life and limbs are worth that. You don't need first responders on scene or a "safe LZ" as some said, if you're flying air-medical, you have landed a helicopter before and don't need someone on the ground telling you when your skids touch down. But that also depends on the relationship between the local fire/ems and the sheriff. That said not all air-medical groups are the same. But it is safe to say that if you are flying in Southern UT than you do remote back country scene work.
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