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31. Salina Cruz and The Biker'S M.C.

After 5 days of warm weather my bones feel nice and hot again. Itís convenient being able to dip in and out of climates as you see fit. Last night we went to a party on one of the local beaches. The town was swelling as people from all over flooded in for the show. There were no taxis anywhere so we thumbed down a truck and jumped in the back. First we swung by our favorite shop, Palma Negra for some of their awesome ice cream.

We headed down to the beach afterwards to check out what the big deal was with the concert. I thought it might be for an event but all I could figure out was that the band Molotov wanted to play a free show for the people in Puerto Escondido on the beach. They are a 4-time Latin Grammy Award-Winning mexican rock band from Mexico City.

They are heavy, loud, and a lot of fun to watch. The crowd got rowdy for a bit and the throwing of bottles of sand at eachother escalated to throwing glass bottles. A girl got her eye put out, the band called the people shit heads, and the music picked back up as the crowd relaxed and ceased hurling things at eachother.

We watched the rest of the show and finished of several bottles of rum in the process. Itís the first real concert on a beach Iíve been too and was a good time. The bar scene afterwards was slammed but we checked it out for a bit.

The next day I drug myself out of bed and packed up. Time to hit the road, Iím wanting the Yucitan and quite honestly, to get further south. Thereís so much to see here in Mexico but as Iím currently so close to the Guatemalan border, I canít help but get excited about what might be found in other countries. First though, the Yucatan needs to be experienced as well.

My next major stop will be San Cristobal de las Casas. A decently sized city in the state of Chiapas. I hear the weather is much colder up there. With a late night and a sore head this morning Iím getting a late start. Today Iíll split the distance to San Cristobal and spend the night in Salina Cruz instead.

The road to Salina Cruz is nice and winds along the coast, crossing tributaries along the way.

Along the way I stopped for a rest to watch a local soccer match for a few.

And enjoyed the slow, meandering road as it wound through the woods and passing through small towns.

I started seeing quite a few other bikers as the afternoon wore on. Looked like there must have been some sort of event that had happened over the weekend and now all the bikers were going back to their prospective cities. I came across a group of 12 or so pulled off on the side of the road. Looked like one of the bikes was having some troubles. I pulled over to have a look and see if they needed any tools.

They were all members of a motorcycle club and were returning from a weekend Moto Fest that had been happening a few cities back towards Puerto Escondido. Meet the BikeríS M.C. from Oaxaca city.

One of the guys had blown a chain on his bike and was trying to repair it.

It was going to get dark soon and the pressure was on to get back on the road for their 7 hour ride back to Oaxaca.

I stuck around to see if they needed any help and to provide a tow to the next city if they needed it. Eventually another club member showed up with a spare chain and we were able to get on the road. I had been hanging out with them for a bit and was dark now so I figured I might as well ride as a group with them.

This turned out to be a good idea because shortly after we got on the road again another rider had fuel delivery issues and then shortly after that the front axle on Jesusí bike snapped clean in half while clipping down the road. It sent him into a pretty massive speed wobble resulting in a snapped clutch lever and a myriad of smashed lights and turn signals. It was pretty late now and none of us were going to be making it much further tonight. They made some phone calls and decided to spend the night in Salina Cruz where one of the bikers had some family. We tied his bike to the back of mine with some rope I had and we all rolled the 10 miles into Salina Cruz together.

After this the guys said that I didnít have an option and I must stay with them for the night and kick it. Awwww thanks guys. After we got in we jumped in a truck and headed to the center of town for some late-night grub.

We went to a torta stand near centro.

They said this place is slammed all day long. Makes sense because the tortas (think Ďmexican sandwichí) was really good.

We came back to the house full and happy. We stayed up for a while shooting the shit and swapping stories of the weekend and the road.

The next day we cruzed into town and bought the parts that we needed to fix the bikes. My ignition had come loose so we got some bolts for that as well.

We came back with the parts we needed and got the bikes fixed up right as rain.

Before parted ways we went to Ivanís Grandpas work to grab some breakfast and say thanks for letting a load of bikers crash his pad last minute.

His grandpa has a business near center in the industrial area.

Cool place for photos of bikes.

Ivanís grandma cooked us a great breakfast here and we hung around shooting the shit and laughing about all the little things that went wrong yesterday..

Ivanís grandpa just so happens to make icecream for a living, so we all got to try his icecream treats as well.

Great thanks to Ivan and his Grandpa for all of their hospitality. And thanks to the BikeríS M.C. of Oaxaca for inviting me into your family for the weekend. Hasta luego cabrones!

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