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Originally Posted by Gaspare View Post
Question for roger: from head porting thread... in case of disconnection of
λ sensor:

During the test, we removed the BMSK/λ to place the bench sensor... then, we disconnected the BMSK/λ to not heat up uselessly.
This means the dyno readings (talking about AFRs) were affected from this?
Could You give details about, pls?
My browser won't open the JPEG files in your thread so I'm having trouble interpreting them.

When you disconnect the Lambda sensor, the measurements I've seen from BMSKs show that it goes into limp home mode for fueling. This means during normal riding it attempts to vary the mixture higher and lower than its adapted, closed loop fueling target of 14.7:1, in the cruising range to keep the catalytic converter happy.

I haven't measured what the BMSK does at WOT or large throttle angles with the O2 sensor disconnected. But if you rode your motorcycle long enough for some level of adaptation to occur using your stock sensor or an LC-1, I think there's a good possibility that your fuel trims would be operational during the testing.

If you can post a larger chart, I'd be interested in the reported AFR. Somewhere earlier in the thread I showed AFRs from an LC-1 during a WOT acceleration.
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