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Originally Posted by becsta View Post
I never got an email so maybe the message didn't go through properly. It did come up saying the message was sent. I will try again.

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Email ticket from today replied to, and I apologize if any messages were missed or not received.

I must add, thank you to everyone for reaching out to us interested in our fantastic Globescout luggage. I will be catching up with everyone regarding any backorders and questions regarding availability. We have another large order in place as well as strong sales history after our first season importing directly from Globescout to help increase our fill rate and stocking levels. Our order is currently in production, and when close to being complete, we will have a more accurate shipping time.

After moving to our new location, and helping Rob clean out the "old" Motorcycleinsight building, we are getting settled in and ready to move forward. Some inventory still needs organized, but everything is accounted for and orders are being processed quickly.

I will be honest, the change of location came to be a bit more drawn out than anticipated (our enclosed trailer was out for service after an "episode" and a tire locked up on a major highway, limiting us to our truck beds) which did keep me away from the phones and keeping up with the forum and PM's.

If anyone has called, emailed, sent letters or telegraphed, and does not feel that we have received your message please email me directly: paul @ lmcyclesupplies dot com and I will reply back as quickly as possible.

Thank you,
Paul Rudolf

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