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Hey Guys,

This thread is obviously loaded with good stuff but I have a family and get through it all. I have some ideas for my new 2014 500 EXC that I'm picking up, and I want to hear feedback if I'm on the right track and get any input you want to give, for how to set it up from day one. I know all the info is here somewhere, but maybe this would be quicker, if its not too much trouble. Gong to use it 50/50 for single track and trips to the store on the road. No long road runs (yet) unless its on the mountain on a dual sport ride to connect trails. My ideas are:

-Change gearing to 14-50. New chain needed.
-Remap and take smog stuff out, remove screen, run stock exhaust.
-TrailTech Voyager. Billet case need or is it just bling? Voyager ok unit?
-Springs to my weight, if needed-240 without gear, average rider. Recommendations?
-I have a Scotts stabilizer I want to use, need to get mount. Under or over mount? Im 6'1" Whats been most comfortable?
-Wheels balanced
-Rear rack-Pro Moto Billet? Or other?
-I was thinking footpegs, Fast Way Adventure. Are stockers ok? Or is it a good upgrade? Adventure too big?
-Softer seat, gutz or similar. Just cause I like to sit and cruise sometimes.

That's my list so far to get started. Please let me know your thoughts!
skid plate recommended
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