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Originally Posted by Stifdickerson2006 View Post
I ride my 12 500 in the desert (Randsberg,Jawbone area) alot and love it. very steady steed if the suspension is set up for your weight, but I also use a Scotts stabilizer. If your coming from a XR 650, this bike is going to blow your mind. It probably does not have the out of box stability of the 650 in the desert but it is alot lighter and it feels like a much smaller bike when your riding it(ergos). Being that you are in Cali(like myself) I had a down payment on a 13 until I found out that with the EXC's after january 13th you can no longer put a a/m pipe on your street bike (yes I do have it mapped and desmogged). Once I heard that I bought a new 12 500 exc so I could try and keep cali nazi's as far away from my stuff as possible. In my reading and opinion on the differences it is not worth it to me to let the government have a possible foothold on what I do with my bike. JMO and yes they are like A#@holes. You will be very happy with any 12-14 very minor changes between the yrs like mapping, different bearings in the 14's motor and a change from black Giant rims 2012 to silver excel rims 13's-14's a few other very minor items that to my observation have not made me regret my 12 500. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the feedback; exactly what I was looking for. ...conveniently, I still have my Ohlins / Scotts damper in a box in the garage! :)

I'm going to be on a quest to make this happen in the very near future (like before Christmas). know, so the registration comes due before the holidays; not immediately after! lol

Thanks again.
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