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Originally Posted by LittleWan View Post
Our 2007 990adv S is getting too ugly for the glamour shots,
but she still kicks ass!

BigWan and I just did the LA-Barstow to Vegas ride, and it was awesome.

400 miles of offroad riding over 2 days. Lots of sand and rocks.
We did the hard ways - many of the notes on the roll chart said "Not recommended for Adventure Bikes"
but we figured they were talking to the BMWs.

The 9x0 is just a big dirt bike, right?

There was a guy who had come over from Australia to do the ride.
He said they have the 1190 in Oz, but it's just not the same as the 990.
The 1190 is not quite up to the task.

So, here's a little video of us riding the hard ways, 2up...

On the best bike in the world.
Long live the 990/950 adventure!

Our riding partner (the organizers want everyone to have a "buddy") is on a 950adv S.
We met him just that day and he was great (Wendell from BC).

In case you are wondering, we turned around after waiting 30 minutes in the snowy rocks.
There were so many guys piled up, it was going to be a long wait.
After the logjam you see in the video, there were 2 more bottlenecks further up.
Oh well.
Too many guys on little dirt bikes, not enough 990s, I guess.
Good job! Many of my buddies did that ride. Too many people for me. Those rocky sections that everyone was stopping on the trail would have sent my temper through roof. They're not that tough.
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