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I haven't bought a new car since 97. when I showed it to a friends dad he directly let me know I was a fool. "why would you spend your money in something that loses 20% of its value overnight?" he was right,

around here the mega dealers, when they are done fudging the numbers, actually only give you about 30ish percent of NADA for your trade.
especially for anything more than 2 yrs old.

they don't want all the costs of going to the auction. they tack a couple hundred $$ and sell them to some local used dealers w/o putting a dime into them. the used guy then puts them on his lot for NADA retail.

knowing this if I see something that interests me , I go by when they are closed & write down the VIN and check carfax. not real good but tells me how many times its been registered. I then go to the service dept of the new dealer of that brand. I tell them I'm thinking if buying the vehicle w/ said VIN and want to make sure any recalls have been addressed. this usually tells me that and what warranty repairs have been done.

I then decide how much I'm willing to offer. so far I've been able to score some great deals for friends & family.

in 09 picked up an 03 Altima for my son w/ 60k loaded that was bought new in tn an traded locally carfax said one owner. car was in mint condition. paid 4k cash it was on his lot 2 days. I drive by his lot daily. the kid has put 50k more miles on w/ zero issues.

last yr picked up an 03 pt cruiser mint cond for the wife (her idea not mine) w/ 67k mi on it $2500

tues I pick up an 02 outback wagon bought new at the local dealer. I checked on recalls and the service guy says buy it. turns the computer screen towards me and it showed all service records since new. oil changes, coolant changes etc per mfg spec since new. car has 125k mi a tiny bit if rust & brand new tires. I paid $2100 for it. not mint cond but nice for the abuse that I will be inflicting on it.

I make the offer the guy either accepts or doesn't . he makes a couple bucks I save a couple. all is good. I've been burnt a couple time. w/ bad trans but in cost per mi, I'm miles ahead if a guy I work with that walks into the mega stealer, points at a new pick up a lets the sales man know that he wants it but he ain't paying a penny over $600 / mo for it!!!!!

salesman says he has to check w/ his boss they both blow a load then tell him they're gonna give him a deal at $595/ mo. for 84 mos

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