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My contribution is a 2001 with the standard, de-smoged, Corbin seat, Venture bag, IMS tank, Acerbi bark busters, removed passenger pegs, cruise control, and I made some nice road pegs. I have tons of pictures but they all need to go on a serious byte diet before I can post them.

Back in Sept my uncle (on a Sportster) and I started in St. Louis and drove north through MO, MN, MI, around Lake Michigan, then through WI, IN, IL and back to St. Louis. We did over 2600 miles in 6 days. During a couple long super-slab stretches I set the cruise, put my feet up on the pegs and leaned back on the Venture bag with my arms crossed. As everyone has said, the Corbin seat is a fantastic addition if not a little hard to initially install. I would also recomend the cruise control (throttle lock) if you do long highway miles. Especially when it's cold so you can take your hand off and stick it behind the engine to warm it up. The Venture bag (find it here: ) is a little pricey but well worth it because not only does it hold tons of stuff (and can be expanded) but once it's filled makes a terrific back rest. When you want to stretch out just turn it around and you have the full seat again. I would also highly recommend the bark busters. Save your money and get the most expensive nicest ones you can. The ones with the aluminum that wraps around and ties into the bar ends. You will have to trim the levers a bit but I guarantee you won't break one. I took a dive going about 15mph on a back road and all it did was scratch up the plastic. No broken brake lever and the throttle worked like a me out of a part of town that I didn't want to be stranded.

That's the best thing about these bikes...when they fall nothing breaks. I have a Ducati 750SS that fell off the kick stand once and caused over $700 worth of damage. The Honda fell off of a plastic crate and a cooler (me and a buddy were changing the tires) landing directly on it's side and it only suffered a broken clutch lever. I was still able to drive it.

A couple things I still need: GPS and a wind screen. I didn't even know you could get a wind screen. Please, please tell me where!!!

I'll work on some pictures.
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