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35. Time To Get Out Of Dodge

Alright, this Mexico place has turned out to be pretty rad. Itís much bigger than I had previously thought and in pretty much every way. Itís culture, people, food, scenery, insert whatever you want here, etc has all but blown me away. I came into Mexico knowing that I should expect the unexpected, but spending the last 2.5 months here I have come to appreciate Mexico in ways that I couldnít have predicted I would before. I could easily spend another couple months here working my way further through the Yucatan and then back down into the South, but there will always be more to see no matter where you go, and itís about damn time I put the Mexico Kool-aid down and try out another fucking country! I had planned to go to Tulum before and meet up with Shaked and Russell for one last spot so I blasted 2 hours further up the coast and met up with them.

The road up North is just as straight and boring as the road to Bacalar. Yucatan is both gorgeous and fascinating for many reasons, itís coastal roads though do not appear to be among those reasons if you have been graced by the rollercoaster embrace of the tarmac beauties in Oaxaca or Chiapas beforehand.

Tulum is a beach town with Mayan ruins and itís on the main eastern beach drag that leads up to Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Itís still an hour or so from either though so it really just gets the tourist run-off from those places. Here diving and beaches are the name of the game so the shops are stocked accordingly.

The beachtown activity of chasing women is also in high season, here Shaked demonstrates the Ďchase and approachí phase with Jaz.

To cut back on costs we cooked a few of our own meals and opted to Ďdrink-iní rather than out. When a Litre of beer purchased at the corner store tienda only costs $2 it makes paying double that for a single beer at a bar sound like crazy talk.

The name of the game here is beach hopping and cenote dropping. There are many of both to be had and the options branch out both north and south along the coast. Here we went to a beach where there were lots of turtles in the water to chase. There were also lots of tourists in life vests to watch try and chase them.

The people watching was good so we lounged the afternoon here and swam looking for turtles to ogle at.

Iím still a ginger though and am built to burn, I tend to opt for the shady spots when not in the water.

Having a bike sure makes jumping up and down to the different beaches easy. Hey there bike, I love you.

Iím getting antsy though so itís time to get outa here. The crew at the hostel in Tulum were cool, and kicking it with Shaked and Russell is always a fun time, but I gotta role. Iím too close to the border and all I can think about is if Mexico is this cool, what could the other countries be like?? Time to find out. Catch you two cheeky bastards later.

After sitting in the front lobby and dancing around with when the sky looked the least threatening for rain I decided to say fuck it and just get on the road. About 30 minutes into the ride south towards the border town of Chetumal an ocean decided to be drained and dumped from above.

Bike actually shut off again while clicking down the highway in this mess. Jus like it did the last time I was riding in heavy rain. It couldnít have been raining for longer than 2 minutes though (albeit very heavily) so it leads me to believe that something else is happening rather than water getting into the carb, maybe I have an exposed wire that is killing my spark when it getís wet? Or water dripping down my choke cable into the carb (this happened before back in Seattle a couple times while the bike was parked in the rain with the cable loose). Hmmm, Iíll have allot some helmet time to ponder that one.

The rain comes and goes here so the next time it dumped I tested out dropping the speed back and that seemed to help but she still ran like she was fairly underpowered (even for a KLR :-)). Maybe itís just all the humidity in the air thatís making her run weird...for the third bout of torrential rain I decided to just take shelter in a palapa until the heavy part rolled over.

At least itís just wet, rather than wet and cold. The weather is so nice here that it feels like you are taking a shower while riding a motorcycle rather than sitting in a wet freezer box like some other places. With all the delays I got into Chetumal around dark. Gotta have the priorities straight so before finding a hostel I found some fucking TACOS. The ladies cooking at the taco stand wanted a photo so I obliged. If the photo looks odd and scrunched itís because it is. These lovely ladies had to have been 3 ft tall and I was basically kneeling to get in the photo. Thanks for the great pork tacos ladies.

The La Posada Chetumal Hostel has convenient and secure gated parking in their front area if anyone is rolling through.

Itís now high-season though and a dorm bed is $170 pesos!! Thatís around $15. Thatís crazy talk but Chetumal is close to the border so Iím biting the bullet. Iíve been asking every person I meet if theyíve ever been to Belize or Guatemala in an attempt to get some info about where Iíll be going tomorrow. I havenít been able to get a ton of info via my preferred method of just asking folks so I jumped on the web. Looks to me like Belize is pricey, potentially dangerous in the south side of Belize city and the capitol (this is always so subjective though and via the typed out words on the internet I canít get a good gauge for the writers danger-bar, hence why I prefer asking real people in person), and is is a place that has some amazing diving. I donít have my dive permit though so I think Iím going to jump right on through and just transit Belize into Guatemala. Shit, looking at info on Guatemala now and Iím excited. itís a whole new land of places and culture to explore. How am I ever going to get to south america? I feel like a kid in a grown-up candy shop that canít decide what he wants to try because everything sounds great. This travel thing sure is a great time and opportunity, the second you want to experience something new you can just turn the key and go find it. Tomorrow morning Iíll turn the key and see what I can find in Guatemala.

"In life sometimes you just need to value adventure above security and comfort."
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