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Originally Posted by enzorover
...A couple things I still need: GPS and a wind screen. I didn't even know you could get a wind screen. Please, please tell me where!!!
You mean a windscreen like this one:

I have received several PM's asking the windscreen on my XR650L. The windscreen is a Maier windscreen from JCWhitney, here. It is the Type 4 (square bottom fits on top of my rectangular headlight), clear, 7/8 in. bar type, $69.99. I broke one of the plastic mounts where it attaches to the windscreen, and could not find any replacement parts, so I made some from some sprinkler heads which work.

An alternative windshield that 2 coworkers have is the National Spitfire which seems to have a more durable mouting system to the windshield than the Maier. Slipstream might also make an equivalent.

The windshield doesn't stop all the wind, just keeps some off my chest. I really don't know if it is worth it, but it does look cool. It will give you some headshake in crosswinds or from large trucks on the highway. With new D606's on the front on my XR650L, it could shake at 65-70 mph, about 5mph lower than without it. A coworker with an XR650L has the same problem. I put a TKC80 up front, and now I can go 80+ without headshake, but still large semis will make the front move around. I'm just telling you what I experienced. In spite of this, I have it on almost all the time, and I have ridden the bike on 400+ mile days.
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