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Wow. Just gets better and better. I swear I laughed when I read about this over at Not because someone bought a race, but because of the scope of the enterprise: sure you have to buy off the past winner, but the whole Amore e Vita team?

Hell, I've arranged finishes with other riders on the road, and even made pre-race pacts with riders from other teams to work with or against certain riders. And I've agreed to pay the few dollars' difference for the higher place. And that's just in US amateur racing. Pros do this all the time, sometimes for a little money, sometimes for a lot.

But this is so fittingly, characteristically, and outrageously over the top, as it turns out with every passing week, it seems.

Gags doesn't look good in this, either, though. His career is blotched with lack of palmares, a self-serving self-comparison to Mario Cipollini, and one outburst of stupidity and violence (he attacked Jonny Sundt with a 2 x 4 after a race in 2004). So why now?
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