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Originally Posted by travelingaustralian View Post
After buying my new ktm 690R almost 6 months ago while still living and working down in Antarctica, I had a chance to ride it for the first time. Can anyone suggest a good tuner in the Melbourne area? Bike is running like crap! On the Advanced setting it stalls runs rough and dangerous off idle with the bike stalling and locking up the rear wheel. It has had mapping installed to suit the changed exhaust and air intake.
I see you still have the stock snorkel, this is likely where your idling problems are coming from. Take a look throughout the ECU Thread here: Quite a few mods to the stock snorkel. What filter are you using?

It's worthwhile getting TuneECU (it's free) and the relevant cables, this will let you see what fault codes are being logged by your ecu. I saw when I was editing the quote that you are using a Mac - TuneECU is windows only so you will have to partition your drive and install a version of windows, this means you need an external HD to back up onto. I'd get Win7 if you can, avoid Win8 at all costs.

When you reinstalled the air box how did you route the throttle cables, under or over the front r/h air box mounting bolt? If you've got bar risers fitted this may have put the cables under strain - there are other here with more knowledge than me on that topic though.

Another thought: when you were following the RR instructions did you undo the throttle cables to thread them through the r/h plastic frame guard? Many here, myself included just cut the guard, more quick and simple. Again, TuneECU will tell you of problems here.
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