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Originally Posted by Denisesewa
I just bought a 93 XRL last weekend and am in the process of going through it, due to a knee injury i cant ride my R-6 anymore ( at least not for very long), the last bike I was "DS ing" was a TDM, so far I like the XR although being a lightwieght I am putting it on a seriuse diet, so far i have installed a supertrap IDS2 Exhaust, moved a smaller battery inside the airbox along with the other electronics and removed the original battery box, pod type air filter, smog removed,motard front fender, desert tank. still to come - jet kit,rear fender and light, skid plate , bars, 2004 XR seat , tires, headlight/number plate . things that bother me and would appreciate advice on-- bars are too low and too far back , front end feels like a wet noodle, rear brake feels weak, very tall seat hieght for me ( 5'11") yet seat to pegs feels cramped. I loved extended weelies on the R-6 but cant seem to get this thing to cooperate with its lack of power ( at least it feels that way to me) perhaps the jet kit will bring it alive? Anything else for advice?
By the way, a cheap source for batteries is at your local hobby shop, its a flight box battry for RC airplanes, it is only 7 amps instead of 9 but hasnt been a problem so far, ran one in my R-6 for two years without issue and its only 20 bucks as well as being almost 2 Lbs lighter than the original also fits nicely in the XR airbox if you do that mod, you will have to solder some 10 guage wire to the terminals.
Also looking for some DS routes here in the San Diego area, just moved here and dont know anyone or where to ride.
I had the same feelings about the XR when I first bought it but then I realized I was comparing it to my R1 LOL! Then I was like wow you have to shift this thing alot, I was comparing it to my Valkyrie, Cant do that. It will feel like a wet noodle compared to a sportbike, it wont wheelie as easy as a sportbike. But its not a sportbike. Its a XR. Cool tip on the battery, thanks.
Bars are no problem buy a set of CR high bend.
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