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I paid $8k for it. I was ready to buy and got the first 2014, so full price. I doubt there is a lot of room to move. 2013 bikes are avaliable at a good price, but I wanted the upgrades of the 14.

It is the same bike as the TR280 trials bike with the following differences
Another fuel tank (2 gal capacity total, tied together)
Sub frame, bigger rear fender, plate holder
Turn signals, lights etc.
A bit firmer suspension, but lower grade (seems to work pretty well)
I was going to order it with the Ohlins, but I just didn't wan to wait!
Tube type wheels
Different brake pedal. (Buy the trials one!)
Pirelli tyres rather than Michelin (Michelin are better)

There may be a few other smaller differences I missed (brake master or something) but the engine, trans, frame, swingarm etc are the same.

I understand one was used at the Scottish 6 days to quite good results.from what I'm told, it works darn well as a trials bike.
Obviously it is a bit heavier and you can't move around quite as much- but geometry, engine, clutch, brakes all work really well.
I'm no trials rider, I'm just learning a little about it. But those who are good have said good things.

You could give Adrian at Lewisport a call, he could give you the best info.

I had a regular trials bike before (GasGas TXT 280pro) and like the OSSA More in every way.
I ride it on 4 hour rides with no problems at all, I use the seat if I get out of shape, or for hills with ruts too deep to keep feet on the pegs.
It has all the street gear, so I plated it and can legally ride FS roads, roads to the riding areas and could make a road ride back if something happens.
It also carries enough fuel for a 40-50 mile ride of single track, runs super clean and will easily cruise at 50mph.

The gearbox is a trials box, so the first three are really close, a bit of a gap to fourth, then a large gap to 5th and 6th. No big problems so far with it. Sometimes 4th is a little high and 3rd a little low, but it has so much torque that it is no big deal.

Great fun when the trails deteriorate- I'm slowly learning how to make better use of its easy weight transfer and excellent power delivery.

As you can tell I'm very excited about the bike, just plain so much fun!
Yeah, on the rough trails I could go faster on my 300, but I don't care about going as fast as I can anymore. I go about 60% of max anyway.
I try for total control and making the bike do what I want it to- and just have fun riding mountain trails! I don't get to ride those all year, or eve as much as I would like, but it is really fun on everything I've done so far.
I doubt I'd like it in the desert very much...

Wow, that was a lot longer reply than I meant to do.


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I had a Sherco 2.9 for a brief time and foolishly sold it. I'm looking again for a trials bike but the Explorer seems like it would work better being able to travel short distances to prime riding areas. My use would be to work on my riding skills and have fun on some technical trails. Curious about the real world price on the Explorer and how close to a real trials bike it really is? Any regrets on getting the Explorer vs. a real trials bike?
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