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I'm 58, 5'10" and about 180. Size 12 boots.

No issues with foot size, it is typical trials, take your foot off the peg to shift. Stock brake pedal is way to far out, but the TR280 one is perfect.
I don't see where you would have any issue- as long as you ride standing. The bike really rewards standing anyway, but for your size it may seem a little cramped when sitting.
I put 2" bar risers on it so I could stand more upright to rest on long rides. I have a 34" inseam and the transition form sitting to standing is fine- I rarely sit, bit when I do I look for a bump to help pop me back up later int he ride to save energy.

One of the other guys on the last ride had a Beta enduro, very nice bike. He used to be an expert trials rider, he rode around on my OSSA a bit- he could really make it do stuff! Even though he said he was really rusty.
It will really teach you to ride better.

The sherco is a lot heavier I believe. So,far I have not seen any build quality issues with the OSSA or problems with it being too fragile or anything . BUT I very, very rarely crash.
Some of the things I saw earlier models had issues with have been fixed. Except he brake pedal, I have no idea why they don't ship with those. Maybe it is some rule in Europe for Streep legality or something. At least is is no big dealt I fit the trails version.

Oh yeah, the air filter is LOT higher than most trials bikes and higher than my KTM for that matter.
Easy to service, tends to stay clean and intake is right at the headstock. Deep water crossings are good with this bike.

Where are you located? I'm happy to show the bike.

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