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Originally Posted by OneEffinName View Post
Louts54, My buddy and I just bought a pair of explorers. We are across the water from you in Victoria. Mine is a 2012 old stock (#129) should be here in a week, my buddy already has his (I think his was the first one in N.A.). We went riding with it yesterday and had lots of fun. We both have KTM EXCFs, so this will be fine as a play bike and for the wifey to ride.

I gotta few questions:

(1) What is your gearing? We use the bikes for technical trail riding and junior events, which does not require such low gearing.

(2) Neutral was a bit of a pain to find while the engine was running - do you have the same issue?

(3) Do you have a map switch? Can you tell any difference?

I've got the TR280i but they are very similar bikes so I'll chime in.

Neutral being hard to find is normal. Try at a slow roll and you should be able to find it with a little less trouble. Fresh oil is needed to keep it shifting smoothly. I use PJ1 Clutch Tuner Ultralight oil.

My bike has 11/42 gearing and I find it to be a good range for what I do. I'm purely a trail rider and it will go from putting at a crawl to 60km/h on logging roads. It will probably go faster than that but I'll need a smoother and straighter logging road to find out. It starts to feel a little floaty at that speed with only 4 psi in the tires.

Enjoy the new bikes!
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