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40. Sad ending to a great day

Just had an absolutely awesome day of exploring the wilderness and riding the dirt in Guatemala. Unfortunately it ended with me hitting a stray dog at a decent click on the way back to town. Aside from some ground down metal and ripped riding gear the bike and I are fine, but the dog didn't make it. Even with so many strays down here and having seen so many dead dogs on the side of the road, you never want to be responsible for putting one there. The culture here is very different towards dogs, especially strays. I don't think a single person of the 30 or so that where watching understood why I needed to stay with her until she died. Sitting with a dog for 20 minutes as it struggles to accept that it's not going to make it was a pretty shitty way to end the day. All I can hope is that having someone there until the end was slightly comforting, but that might just be a thought to make myself feel better about killing a dog today. Sorry perro...
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