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Anytime I get ejected from a bike as long as there isn't any obvious severe pain or limbs pointing in the wrong direction I know I got away more or less OK. Yesterday I had the unfortunate experience of hitting and killing a dog in the road on my way back into town from what was otherwise an awesome day of dirt riding. When I hit the dog I was going around 40mph and went down with the bike. I had the chance to break hard for a brief moment but not much, unfortunately it wasn't enough to avoid the dog. When I hit her the impact torqued the front forks to the right which put me and the bike on a fast track to the pavement. Everything happened pretty quick but I remember seeing the bike in a position not suited for maintaining any sort of control, followed by the sky, some sparks, the sky again, and then the pavement. Somewhere in that process my left foot got pinned under the bike for a second and I tweaked my ankle. In the moment you typically don't notice the little things, but now that I'm not worrying about trying to minimize the terrible last 20 minutes of that dogs life my body has decided to tell me exactly where it's upset with me. It looks like I got some tissue booboos in my left ankle as I can't walk on it at the moment. I'll find some sort of crutches today and whisper sweet nothings in apologies to it over the next week or so. "Muletas" is the word for crutches right? I've never broken a bone #drinkMILK!, but I've had plenty of tumbles and this feels along the same lines of just tissue damage. Some TLC, thick milk, and a week or so out of the saddle should do the trick.

Anyone have a decent camera they want to sell?? Mine got smashed when I hit the pavement yesterday, guess that's my cue to upgrade.
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