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Originally Posted by kvfalcon
I've got to say... You lasted way longer than I expected.

So... Please tell us, how does one step on his own crank so much and keep coming back for more?
It's kind'a like this:

At the time I felt the need for drastic measures. Now if he's only been Steverino for a short time then fine, change it. Hell for all I know he's changing it back to the way it always used to be. You can't forget my n00bness.


My grandfather was named John.
He named his first son John.
My greatgrandmother said "You can name him John but we're calling him Jack"
So the baby became Jack and stayed Jack until he inlisted in the Navy. Where he had to present his birth certificate and he found out that his real name was John.
He still goes by Jack today and he named me Jack.

OK, all I'm saying is Steverino can change his name to anything, I think my suggestion was a bit extreme but it got my point across. But if indeed he used Steverino for a long time then he'll always be "Steverino" At least to me anyway.

Now if the "Dumb Ass from Florida" can just shut his pie-hole.....
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