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Originally Posted by AntiHero View Post
Dude, that's your mom and dad?

No wonder she didn't want you getting a bike....she herself knows how much adrenaline runs through your blood!

(Speaking of family, I'm guessing your cousin works at Slows?)
No that's Joe and Alma at the isle tt.
Mom uses stories about Bob (who now owns the Ducati Triumph dealer in Detroit) crashing at 274 mph on the stream liner triumph. He crashed trying to get the title back from Don Vesco and big red, the stream liner you probably saw at Barber on the top of the wall in the basement. Some how That was relatable to the street. She does have a good high side story where she about ripped the back of her calf off and has some good scars from that. Was a couple other wrecks she and other members of the club were in. Dad managed to total a pickup in Macon ga in 61 on his 58 beemer. Folded the bars around the head light.

I'm trying to get the 61 BMW back that replaced that bike back. Mom sold it in 83 to keep me off it. This is that bike when it was for sale 1.5 years ago. John still hasn't got back to me about it so the current owners must not be ready to sell.
This is another of my dad's old bikes it out near you now. The top pictures my dad took when the day he bought it.


The place you got the salmon after Cranbrook. Cuz has posted pictures where he plated simular. He's now the executive chef at John D Bistro. Hasn't got back to me to tell me if he made that.

You should have hit the Henry ford museum while you were there they have Edison's actual workshop there. It's pretty cool.
Here is a site with a lot of Detroit history in if you get board. Like Detroit, it's in decay and half working and hard to navigate. Lol
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