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Originally Posted by CarterKraft View Post
So I just read all 37 pages and I really enjoyed it, not so much from the TS cheerleader but from the NM guys having fun on old iron.

The major takeaway for me was how a miserable a life the Twin-shocker has. He has no bike(S), no experience and the highlight of his day is getting on this forum in another mans thread and trying to make friends...

I was really hurt when he went against all things holy and was slamming the K&N filter, luckily he came to his senses and recommended one in the end.

I'm glad that you enjoyed....most of it. Big Plans are in store for OJ. Big plans. Stay tuned....

Originally Posted by lineaway View Post
Yes, Mr. Stevens had his moments. Brewtus and I usually make the most of it!
Oh, do we ever!
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