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I escaped from San Diego 17 years ago and now can't even visit the city without a feeling of disgust. Smog, impersonal strangers, taggers, asshat drivers, nearly everything paved and visiting the mall passes as recreation for a large chunk of the population, crowds and traffic everywhere you go. Every day the same as the one before except for the two weeks called spring before the green turns brown for the other 50 weeks.

No thanks!

Really??? In all your years living here you never rode in Eastern San Diego County? Highways 76 and 78? Palomar Mountain with 10 plus miles of 250 to 300 degree sweepers?? Mesa Grande Road, Julian, Wynola Road, Hwy 78 to Borrego Springs?? The back road S22 out of Borrego Springs, Warner Hot Springs?? Sage road to Hemet?? All of this is rideable at least 50 weekends out of the year. Some years we can ride it 52 weekends! Every weekend I meet my riding buds at Pala Casino gas station this is our San Diego playground. 250 to 300 miles before I get home. Funny but the most traffic is other bikes, don't see any mall queens hanging around, the asphalt is always dark gray and the mountain color is secondary to seeing the next twistie coming up soon. Always wear the tread off the sides of my tires before the center is gone. What's not to like about San Diego? My favorite place to be on ride days! Sure hope you found a happy place to live too.
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