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Hello, first post. I read all 37 pages, I feel like I should have one of those 'I drove the road to Hana' T-shirts!

I picked up a Reflex for $900 here in San Diego on Christmas Eve. No dents on the tank, pretty clean but old MX knobbies on both ends. The engine is a gem IMO and feels stronger than that on my '91 XR250l, coincidentally another $900 piece of retro shite. I'm guessing the light weight of the Reflex helps.

Thanks to the OP for the epic thread. Can't say I've been convicted to buy a Chinese carb or CDI.

I'm buying a set of those ROX risers, a great find for me as I'm 6'3. I've found some that have 7/8th collars so I can just raise the stock bars. New trials tires and an 11 Roth sprocket on the way. Would like to get LED front and rear lights, any suggestions?

Plans are to use this stealthy quiet bike to ride in the hills around the house. This thing in stock form (although I do have an aftermarket seat) is a great little trail bike. I need to figure out if I want this as a trail or trials bike. Unfortunately the suspension doesn't really seem optimized for either.

I read elsewhere a guy turned his shocks upside down so they rebound faster, although this costs some damping. Thoughts on this? I can't hop the back end if the bike at all. Too much rebound damping. Also the pegs fold up when I try to bunny hop. I did chop and drop the pegs. Thanks again!
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