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They are getting crazy expensive. I advertised for one a couple of years ago, and received a email from someone that had one but wasnt planning on selling. He wanted me to make an offer. I did some research and found that most were selling in the $350 range. I offered him $300 and never heard back from him. I think maybe he was insulted? Anyway I found another one a few months later for $100. A much better price. And thats what they sold for new in the '70s when I bought my first one.
I paid $100.00 for an EBay one a few years ago with crap upholstery. Paid a $100.00 to get it recovered.
I've tried numerous types of seats and just can't find one as comfortable (to me anyway) as these.
I have two of them on bikes and a spare. Guess I'll hang onto the spare for retirement.(?) lol

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