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Yes you need the left side to manage the lights. There is a choke lever but I didn't plug it because my carb has button choke.
Choke at the bar is a modernism ! (a decline ?). Forget the rope in a drawer. You will act directly on the carb lever (there is no spring). It will look more vintage. And during the warm-up, (1 mn.) you can end your weed, adjust you bowl-helm and gloves and allow the bar-people to think "Gee, what a genuine biker !"
Haha yes I am lazy though so I wanted the choke on the bar. However since I've rejetted it, it only takes about 5seconds of choke and on warm days starts without any.. So I spose having the more vintage feel to it could be cool. Also where did you get your grips from? I quite like the look of them.
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