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Thanks for the replies.

Mully, that link was informative... even though I have mine hardwired, I checked for signs of arching on my batteries and found none. I removed them anyway cause I never use them. As for my wiring. I have a fused SAE harness going direct from the battery to the handlebars, I soldered up a 5" pigtail with the hardier 2 wire Garmin connector to attach to the GPS. I have dilectic grease on all connections.

AK Bear, The Garmin V doesn't take data cards...I will read the booklet and see if I can turn off the Track Log though...thanks for the suggestion.

Wolfordtiger, thanks for the "hardening" explaination... I didn't know that the Touratech mount could be used in conjuction with the RAM mount...that got me thinking about a suspension to absorb some of the shock. I took some dense 1/4" wet suit like foam and cut a piece to go between the GPS cradle and the RAM ball pretty well. I'll try this awhile to see if it works and upgrade to the Touratech if it doesn't.

P. Urquell, What is updating the "firmware" mean and how do I do it?

I also relocated the RAM to handlebar clamp from out at the handguard mount to inbetween the handlebar clamps...figure there might be less vibration in the bars at that location. I went out for a ride tonight on a bunch of washboard gravel roads without it freezing up again. I do not know if anything I did improved the setup or last night was just a freak anomaly...time will tell.

One thing I do not understand... you guys said when yours froze up you turned it off and back on and everything was on/off button wouldn't work when it was frozen. I had to unplug it from the bike and remove the batteries to get it to turn off. Thanks again for the help.
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