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P. Urquell, What is updating the "firmware" mean and how do I do it?
Definition of firmware :

Software stored in read-only memory (ROM) or programmable ROM (PROM). Easier to change than hardware but harder than software stored on disk. Firmware is often responsible for
the behaviour of a system when it is first switched on. A typical example would be a "monitor" program in a microcomputer which loads the full operating system from disk or from a network and then passes control to it.

Source: The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing, 1993-2003 Denis Howe

Latest firmware for Garmin (version 2.08)

Download from the above link. Run the executable to extract to its default location (C:\garmin_gpsV). Navigate to that directory and run UPDATER.EXE. Make sure your GPS is on and connected via serial cable to your PC.

If you're running MapSource, it's probably a good idea to update that as well.

MapSource Update

Backup everything on your GPS just in case (assuming you want or need the data).
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