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Originally Posted by stou View Post
I finally found the wire to disconnect!!! On the 990R, it's the brown/black wire.

I tried to disconnect what the could be 18 pin wire with no luck. Since there's no pink and no brown/grey wire, I tried the purple, it doesn't work. Finally, it was the brown/black one.

So to adjust the wheel size on a 2010 990R Adventure,

1- press MODE to go to TRIP 1
2- Hold the MODE key for around 10 sec
3- It will show actual wheel size. Use the MODE key to increase the wheel size and the SET key to decrease it
4- Hold the MODE and SET key to exit

The default size on the 990R is 22.05 for the 21" wheel. I did some research on ADV and it look like the size for a 19" is 20.00. I can't ride because of the snow here so I can't confirm that this is the good size.

Can someone can confirm that 20.00 is the right size for 19" wheel?
Originally Posted by shawty950 View Post
Just went thru my 07 dash...(i have 17"s as well as the 21/18) and change quite often.

The old speedos have the Inch and the other circumference in mm's

21" - 2205 mm
19" - 2040 mm
17" - 1882 mm

I just confirmed with a tape that the rolling circumference of my 21" front is within half a cm of being 2.205 m

Originally Posted by CenzoDuc848 View Post
Dear all,

I recently super moto'd my 690 Enduro R (2011 model) and soon found out that the speedo needed calibrating so I tralled the internet and found so many forums saying to cut either a grey/brown wire or a pink wire.
Well I took my bike to my dealer as they offered to do it for free after speaking to KTM Austria who advised them the same thing that has been seen on these forums, well I am sorry toi say that it failed to recalibrate, but I have done it today myself and I am here to tell you there is no need to cut any wires and it only took me 5 minutes to sort it..
Take the light mask off.
Coming out of the instrument panel are a load of wires going to various blocks.
The block you want has 8 wires going into it and one of these is pink. (colour may change but deffo an 8 pin block on a 2011 690 Enduro R
Disconnect the block.
Turn the ignition on
ensure display shows trip 1
Hold mode down for 10 seconds
the word length will show on the clock and a 4 digit number something like 2205 this is the circumference of the 21" wheel with tyre.
using the trip reset switch will decrease this number 1 digit at a time
You need it to read 1870
then press mode and reset buttons together
turn ignition off, plug your connector back in, refit light mask and job done with no cutting.

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This needs a bump and subscription.....I did the recalibration on my 690e when I put on the SM worked as described.....great info to have for the bikes....and it can be tough to find the correct answers....
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