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Originally Posted by mysz74 View Post
Great pics everyone!

I'm living vicariously through all of you until I get a side hack setup.

I have a CB550 that I'm hoping to work on this year and add a sidecar to.

Need to finish before my dog gets too old, he is 13 now!

Get moving! A velorex would be a good mate for your 550. You'll need a subframe.

Be careful with your elderly pooch. I have two dogs, one 3 and the other 13. The 13 year old is game, but her hips are going, and the bounciness and side-load of the sidecar is hard on her. They use a lot of muscle staying upright and gripping the floor of the tub. I took her for a couple rides around the 'hood, and even though she enjoyed it, she was sore all the next day. She has to stay home now :(

The 3 year old is resilient and his joints can take some abuse, being so young. Just think if you were driving the sidecar- would it be easier if you were a teenager, or in your 80s?
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