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Dear Chris and Fellows,
Please correct at will ,"still" intake air is a function of volume/required intake . Could sufficient "still" air be supplied by a smaller air box with positive pressure ?
My starting point sv650 carbed ,has seemingly a very small exhaust cam , -2mm lift ,-24 deg less than intake. Intake cams are routinely installed with nice power increase ,and no obvious torque holes. Is it reasonable to assume that EGR effect is behind exhaust cam strategy ? Raw # like 8.1mm /271deg intake 6.1/247deg exhaust.
I am looking to move power curve down +/- 2000 rpm , peak tq 4500 rpm ,and hp 6500 rpm ish. I intend to advance intake and exhaust cams 6 to 9 degrees and replace 39mm cv mikunis with 35mm flat/oval/round slides .
Should I expect to need accel pumper carbs for sharp off idle response ?

I have in mind 650 thumper lunge with v twin balance .

I have to go rewind my propeller beanie.
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