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Originally Posted by Rick's KLR View Post
I like the idea of riding from Portland down to Sisters via dirt. That would be sweet. I am thinking that I may extend it after that and do a week or longer.

Another inmate I know that I've ridden with a few times bought some tracks and maps that I may be getting from him. I'd like to have a few options.

I still don't know if I want to ride with a bunch of people I don't know so I'm still on the fence about that. I'm much faster off road that on and tend to get left behind on pavement. But that was on my 250, 650 may flip that and I may be slow off road also now.

Yeah, it may be better to get soft luggage. I'm planning on getting the Giantloop Coyote bag. That and a duffle bag should be all I want or need.

I plan on spending up to 5 or 6 days, depending on what else I have going on and who is in/out for the trip. It's a little awkward at first with a group you don't know, but that's how you grow the circle of friends! :) That's how I met Apple Jam and a bunch of other buddy and I tagged along with them on their Barlow Road trip last May.

Yep...I think soft luggage may be the way to go too. My ammo cans are heavy and really add some width to the bike. Might get hairy on some of the roads AJ has described...might not be great for deep ruts either. I have a large dry bag I bought for the Barlow Rd trip, but my buddy picked up a dry duffle on Craigslist that I think is a much better option. Much easier to get to everything.
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