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Klipsch Cornwall Sound System

Originally Posted by Jack90210 View Post
I see you're a friend to old speakers. Is that a Klipsch Cornwall in the lower right of the pic?

Really nice setup you've got there.

Hi Jack,

Good eye on the speakers..................

I'm an "Old School" audio aficionado
that got kicked out of the house with my big stereo system some years ago.

I saved all of my old stereo equipment for the day that I would finally get to remodel the dog house.

I have four Klipsch Cornwall loud speakers.

One each placed at 45 degrees in each corner of the shop.

The Cornwalls are driven by a pair of Integra 504s running through an old Sony ES 2000 A V processor.

For a little extra punch at lower frequencies I use a Velodyne DD 15 sub woofer.

With an HDMI Matrix A V mixer, I'm currently managing three separate LCD monitors.

Most of my media is mp3 delivered through my custom built media computer with central networking to my NAS (network area storage).

Other entertainment comes from Pandora, Sirius/XM and Direct TV.

More to come as I' able to get things better sorted.


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