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Dented pipe

Riding my 2013 EVO 300 in the backyard today, slipped the front tire off a stack of pavers and put a healthy quarter-size dent in the titanium pipe. Also bent the pipe up into the fan case. Had to put a strap around the pipe to bend it back out to get the fan to spin again. Now the pipe/cylinder joint is puffing a little oil and air when I rev it.

Question: Does a dent that size affect how smooth the bike runs?

I have been mucking with the jetting and needle to try to get rid of the knocking when I roll off throttle. After the dent today I could not get the thing to run smooth at all. Tried airscrew positions from all the way in to 2 turns out, could not find a smooth location.

Needle came with the clip one notch from the bottom (fourth notch down from the top of the needle.)

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