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Originally Posted by Jeff Munn View Post
Now that the excitement of Christmas and New Year's is past, and your cubicle farmers are back at work, doesn't it suck to not have anything to look forward to?

I'd like to fill that gap in your life.

How about we plan on a January central Virginia ADV party?

I am offering to host an ADV party to help get us all thru the winter doldrums.

Location: our 7,000 sq ft luxury warehouse in downtown Petersburg.

Date: a Saturday, and I'd like to suggest the 25th of January.

Time: from 4 pm onward, with floor accommodations offered for those traveling long distances.

Style: Potluck buffet for those who can. Donations accepted for those who can't cook. Teresa and I can lay out a nice spread if necessary.

Cost of admission: Watching my TAT movie from Joe's and my summer trip. But for those who have endured it already (Poor Man's 500 attendees), you can shoot pool and rock out in the next room with no penalty at all.....

Disclaimer: I'd actually prefer if this was a 4-wheel event. No need to compare our manhoods by trying to ride to an event in January where good times and adult beverages are to be had.

Also this would be open to any ADV inmate who wants to come. Charlottesville, VA Beach, Catherders, etc are welcome to come.

What do you think? Any takers? What else are you going to be doing on a Saturday in late January?

Post up if you think this is a good idea and you think you could make it.

Great idea! Great host! Since you prefer a four wheeled event it makes it easy to leave the bike/girlfriend at home. Around here we call my bike "the Mistress". I, and hopefully the wife as well, should be able to make it. Thanks Jeff!

Today I am out of work and not with the flu. Found a burst pipe in the crawl space last night just before midnight. I woke the wife to tell her so she could plan on going to her mom's to shower and she told me she heard a POP the night before. (Bless her heart) It must have leaked for about 24 hours. Heading to HD to get a sump pump or shop vac now as well as copper elbows, tubing, torch, etc.. (Slow start this morning after waking up with a migraine) The troubling part is that the electricity is out in the same part of the house where the pipe burst, but none of the breakers are tripped. I guess I will kill all of the power before taking a dip.

Guy, good luck with your pre-op and your upcoming procedure. I hope all goes well.
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