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The Rear Fender Finale!

As all good things come to an end, this winter project is now behind me. What I thought would be mind-numbing boring actually turned out to be bit more challenging.

The little 3/4 sized framed bike was not easy to find a donor fender. I ended up with a Suzuki DR250/350 MX fender. Had I had a good source to try a bunch more out and would have, but in the end this one worked with if not with a bit of cajoling. Some thoughts that on other fenders folks have tried here

It starts

Final Cuts

I figured it was time to find the 21st century, so I was going to go LED on the brake light assembly. The DRC Edge 2 LED Tail Light

It fits pretty well, but I did need to put 3/4" spacers to drop it down from the fender a bit.

Then I was tired of braking off the rear turn signals, so I wanted a turn signals integrated, so I bought the 12 O'clock board. Of course by the time I was done, I wanted both the external and rear turn signals and added back some stalks.

If you intend to run rear LEDs, you will need to upgrade the flasher to a no load flasher. I haven't upgraded the fronts blinkers, so I didn't need to do the diode kit to get the dash indicator to work, but something to think about it you go that route.

All told, it was a bit more expensive than I would have thought. Parts list here. It's a tad longer than I might like, but I think it's also long enough to keep the mud from spinning up. I am hopeful that the yellow mellows/fades a touch and maybe matches better. If not, when I rip off the front fender I can just replace it to match.



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