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45. Back To Antigua

I've spent the last few days milling about San Pedro and chilling with both old and new friends. My buddy Kosh will be sending me a small package of items down to Antigua so I'm ordering a few things here and there to have them added to the box. 16 tooth sprocket, iridium spark plug, and my original copy of my motorcycle title. Yes, that is correct, I didn't bring my original copy of my title with me when I left Seattle . For some reason I left it back home and of course I do actually need the original for some of the border crossings. Guatemala required the original, but I was still able to get in without it. A smile, respect, and plenty of patience seems to have sufficed so far. I'm not going to bank on being able to also get out of the country without it though so it'll be in the box as well. The items I've ordered need time to arrive at my buddies place then they also need time to get down to Antigua.

I've got time to kill and San Pedro is cheep but I don't want to spend the next two weeks waiting in the same spot. I packed up my things and road back into Antigua to find a place to hang out while I wait. Antigua is more expensive but there's also more stuff to do. I found a adventure company here in Antigua called O.X. Expeditions They specialize in kicking your ass via higher end and more extreme trips than most other tourism companies here. They do single track mountain bike trips, climbing the volcanoes, paragliding, kayaking, and surf trips. They also run a hostel called O.X. Basecamp which is named after the Everest basecamp. I worked out a deal with the owner where they are letting me work for them and in return I can stay for free in the hostel while I wait for my stuff to arrive. Saweet!

If you are in Antigua and want to do some serious outdoor activities, not your typical watered down excursions, check them out for sure. Did I just give my first plug?

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