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Exciting News for Trailjammer Designs! 2007 KTM 450/525 Case Saver!

Alright CrazyBrit and ClappedR6! Don't all get your panties in a bunch! I have 2 working prototypes ready for sale. 1 version comes flush up to the notch where the bolt holes are. The other version hangs slightly over the notch. I'm not going to notch all the holes because it was just going to make it a lot harder to make and wouldn't be cost effective.
I guess they're not really prototypes anymore. Just 2 versions I'm playing around with. This is the brand new '07 KTM 450/525 Clutch Cover that MANY have been asking/waiting for. Thanks to Rob A., CrazyBrit, ClappedR6 and Chris R (who loaned me his case) for pushing and prodding me to make one of these unique guards for the 2007! I wasn't going to originally because it only fit 1 year and the case is hard to get a hold of.
Which do you like better? Flush mount? Or a small overlap@1mm? The overlap gives your more protection and can be filled w/RTV when installing.
No overhang:

Small +-2mm overhang(I'm liking this one for more protection):
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