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Originally Posted by OldF7Guy View Post
Is it possible to wire these in so that they come on only with the high beam on? If so, what harness set up would you need. I am thinking on a street bike this may be the wise way to go. Run the high beams and Long range lights in the day time and have them available at night when conditions are such that you can use it. Thanks.

Or, what are others doing that have these on street ridden motorcycles?
Most of the Long Range lights are on street bikes.
Its very easy to have them operate with the high beams, basically just run the trigger wire into the high beam and your golden. If you want dimming you can also do this and have them come to full brightens with the high beams and dimmed while in the low beam setting
If you don't require dimming and want them to only come on when the high beams are on order the standard harness, just cut the wire with the included toggle switch and run that to your high beam.
If you want dimming and don't need the lights to turn all the way off,order the skene kit without the handle bar mounted switch.
Thank You!
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