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Originally Posted by Rick's KLR View Post
.....I'd never leave someone in a lurch like that regardless if it screwed up my ride.

One of the reasons I was considering doing this by myself.
I think you'll find the majority of this ADV crowd to be a bit for all - all for one. That has certainly been my experience riding with ADV strangers. It certainly is my highest priority when I ride with a group.

On that note, some travellers all well endowed with GPS might just wanna ride faster than the every-intersection buddy system allows. But when that person behind breaks down, crashes or just gets a flat, they get left alone, and the leaders are stuck wondering how to find him.....or maybe decide to just leave him because they have no idea how far back he may be. The every-intersection buddy system might slow down a group, but it might save a huge potential hassle/worry situation that would be avoided if riders kept track of each other. The world can wait; don't be in that big of a hurry just to meet a silly distance goal. You might just miss the best parts of the trip, which isn't neccessarily about the actual riding. IMO, it's about the "trip" and the guys you are riding with all having a good time. When I'm out riding, each current moment is all that matters, and everything else can just wait.
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