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Originally Posted by mrmagoolin View Post
I rode the OBCDR section 5 with Apple Jam. What he says is the way it should be done. There are ways to speed it up some and not leave any one behind. If you wait for everybody at all the intersections no matter how fast you ride, you will cut your distance down. This is very true the larger the group. I suggest that you have a time (about an hour) so that when that time has elapsed your leader picks the intersection and waits for everyone. In between this time period you always wait for the rider behind you at every intersection, and then you go when you know that person is there. I worked out with the guy who was usually behind me a signal system. I would park in the intersection facing where I needed to go. When the next rider saw me he would give me the arm signal of the direction that he needed to turn. I knew he saw me and where to go and would then go on and he would wait for the next rider. If everyone does this it helps to speed it up a little.
Read the RR that you guys put up on your ride. Sounded like you guys had a great time. Also sounded like the OOHVA maps weren't particularly useful. I've got the tracks from Treknow but I don't like relying on GPS alone.

I've done this type of intersection waiting thing with other rides and it worked great. I'm not sure who'll be leading this ride, if anyone but we'll make the suggestion.

Sounded like the dinners you did were group meals. Personally, I think I'd rather depend on myself for food, why did you guys decide to do it that way?

I also read some of the bigger bikes were pushing nearly 800-900 lbs. I found that shocking. Were you guys carrying a LOT of stuff? I want to travel as light as possible. Any tips on things you wish you didn't carry or did?

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