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Originally Posted by Apple Jam View Post
Me too. I need to ride that North section I skipped out on....and ride a whole lot more "interesting" roads while I'm near there. There is a whole lot more to Oregon than the OBDR, and a whole lot of it is calling me.

That made a big difference in the travel time, signal and move, rather than wait for the full stop at each intersection. You can't assume the rider sees you just because they're close to the intersection. Remember, they're kinda busy, slowing down and watching the road. Wait for their visual signal so they know which fork to ride. "wait until you see the whites of their eyes"....then wait more for a visual signal from them. I've heard some say they just leave a big roost mark and ride on. I'm not really comfortable with just that alone.

Bring at least an Atlas in addition to the GPS, it won't have every bad road in it, but it might get you out of a jam. I usually bring many FS maps also, but sometimes get lazy. Everyone was certainly planning on doing their own food, primarily Mountain House freeze-dried for most, until they realized I was cooking real decent food most all nights, and most shared.

I'm 800-900 lbs easy when I ride loaded, but I have a 990. I did learn to pack less clothes on that ride. You don't need them; EVERYTHING gets dirty anyway, so who cares HOW dirty? One pair of warm pants, shorts, a T-shirt and 2 pairs of socks, one to ride in, and one pair to camp in. KEEP your feet DRY. I found that out the hard way and got a bit of athlete's foot on that ride. I also pack LOTS of water, a filter, and a soft cooler with ice and whiskey, cheese and meats, and a campchair. You know,...truly important stuff
I am a BMW camper in a KTM world,
...but one that isn't afraid of a few (or a lot of !!) scratches and dents.

Fast and light is fine for some, but then the camping just isn't as enjoyable or comfortable. And motels and restaurants are just plain OUT for me; why would I wanna go to a city for the night, when I've been in the backcountry all day? As fun as DS riding is, the time spent camping with new friends and enjoying the evening campfire time in close to car-camping like comfort is easily as important for me. It's not just about "riding the OBDR" (or whatever) for me, it's about the week-long backcountry experience that I'm a part of, and the actual "route" and it's destination is really just less important.
Good post AJ. One of my favorite things to do is backpacking and the group I usually go with is all about food and drink. We end up usually around 55 lbs in our pack including good food, horerves and several bags of wine. I've also got plenty of light backpacking gear. I do have the OOHVA maps but I don't think I'd bring them. They don't look that sturdy. I do think they would be good to mark another map/atlas though that may not have the detail.

I agree, I plan on enjoying the great outdoors while doing something like this. I'm not into credit card touring unless the wife is with me.
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