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Originally Posted by Apple Jam View Post
When the seven of us rode the OBDR 5 (OBCDR clicky), two of them had never camped cowboy-camp style (dispersed no-where camping). They were expecting campgrounds and at least vault toilets along the way. didn't shit for the first three days, because he had actually NEVER wagged his ass over the grass before. I was kinda blown away by that, but I'm a country boy, and I pee out my front door if I wanna.

Reading all of your responses makes me wanna join this group even more. I think you guys are gonna have a good time together But as I posted above, I'll be taking two weeks off with my wife to ride far and wide (whereEVER she wants to go) in August already, and the finances are faaaar from accommodating another week off with you hooligans

But lemme tellya,....I'll be hounding y'all for an RR, and likely (hopefully) seeing many of you at "Barlow or Bust; 2014" this June, where I first met JCloer1 last year. Details coming soon......

lmao! That's hard to imagine...but I'm a bit of a hillbilly myself. I can't tell you how many times I've peed next to my truck in the driveway. :)

Looking forward to deets on the Barlow trip! I HOPE I can make it again, but it depends on the dates (I already have a week long trip planned in late June). I'll try to make at least a day or two anyway and see if I can drag 1Patriot along too!

Looking at TW200's to get my wife on board so we can do lots 'o Oregon exploring too! Can't wait to hear about the trip with your wife!

I have to remember to buy a machined aluminum housing for my GoPro so I can do video RR's. I lost my camera on a ride outside of Bend last year when the mount buddy went back the next morning and found it!
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