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Originally Posted by Apple Jam View Post
DR200 Suzuki is what my wife rides. We looked at the XT carefully also, and it seemed VERY similar. We found her 2009 with only 795 miles for $2700. Does 65-70, and happy all day long at 55mph, and just as happy tractoring up the gnar at 10mph or less without chugging to a stop. She climbed on it and very quickly started following me pretty much anywhere, seriously. And this was after failing to be able to ride my old Shadow with a similar 31" seat height. I believe we got her the perfect first bike, but the XT mighta been just fine. I'd assume the TW would be tough on the highway, but don't know.

That said, after about 8,000 miles in 2-1/2 years, she's looking through CL for a DRZ400, but that woulda been tough to tackle as a n00b.

When you do get her something, and you want a couple to ride a daytrip with, lemme know
Will do. I think once she gets into it enough to not be self conscious, having another couple to ride with would be a great way to keep it interesting! :)

She sat on a DR and she thought it felt pretty tall. I think she would get used to any of them, but she will just have to get over that initial hesitation.

I rode a DR400 in Bend (traded bikes for a while with my buddy while riding)...that thing felt super twitchy compared to my XRL!
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